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We have learned that couples need the Lord at the center of their marriage to have a vibrant, intimate, and long lasting relationship.  As our creator, and the creator of marriage, God knows what it takes for us to be fulfilled.  We consult the manual about electronics that are made to last a short period of time, why not consult the manual (The Bible) for our lives and marriages (which are meant to last a lifetime).  We invite you to go on this journey with us, manual in hand, as we endeavor to intimately know our spouse!  Why not go deeper in the most important human relationship?  Why not invest a year of time well spent?  Time spent in learning to live better with one that our manufacturer says is “fearfully and wonderfully made,” in Psalm 139:14.


LEARN YOUR SPOUSE is designed for couples that have a desire to develop an intimate marriage, for those that already have an intimate marriage and want to nurture that intimacy, and for couples anywhere between those two scenarios. It is structured as a devotional, to bring a couple together each week to read a passage of scripture, with an exposition of that biblical passage as it applies to marriage, an example from our own marriage or our ministry to other couples, and questions to prayerfully consider as you apply it to your own life and marriage.


We invite you to take this journey together with us and open your heart to your Lord and to each other. We invite you to explore biblical principles for marriage and share our own journey and those of other couples.  We invite you to determine to give it your best as you invest in your spouse and your marriage.  You will receive, if you are willing to work!  Our society says that life is give and take, but kingdom life is based on giving and receiving. Come with us and enjoy the journey!

(Formerly Spouse-ology)


God’s Richest Blessings,

Chris & Juanita